Visionaire, Entrepeneur, Entertainer

Born in Bordeaux, France, and raised in Paris, Sebastien Lagree was an introverted child who spent his hours sketching the physiques of buff guys and cars. Sebastien began weight training at the age of 13.

At 17, Sebastien moved to Tillamook, OR and finished high school there. He then went on to Portland State University to study for his BA in business and marketing.

While studying at the Portland State University, Sebastien fortuitously met Julian Wilde, a Portland based photographer who inspired Sebastien’s passion for modeling, photography and visual imagery.

I am forever grateful to Julian Wilde.  Julian’s photography made me feel beautiful and realize the infinite potential inherent in each of us. I felt empowered for the very first time. I felt limitless. In a flash, the purpose of my life was revealed. I decided in that moment that I would dedicate my life to helping others to experience their own beauty.”

After receiving his MBA from Seattle University at age of 23, Sebastien ventured to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Once in LA, to Sebastien’ surprise, people were wanting to use his services as a personal trainer. Sebastien never had considered a career in personal training. His personal training career took off almost immediately. He later received an advanced certifications in weight training and Pilates. Sebastien became addicted to helping his growing roster of clients to transform their lives, their bodies and their perspectives about themselves. He employed elements of traditional Pilates mixed with weight training and cardio. But as he progressed he became aware of the holes and limitations inherent in the physical fitness methods he was employing.

I had a deep burning desire to add something new to the mix of personal training – a workout that would create beautiful physiques, with more precision and speed, in less time and that would free my clients from becoming a slave to the workout. A workout that was a one stop shop of the rejuvenating properties of Pilates, the strength building impact of weights, and the revitalizing effects of extreme cardio. ”

Sebastien began to craft the Lagree Fitness Method. He began dreaming up, sketching, conceiving and reinventing his unique version of the traditional Pilates reformer.  People told him that he was crazy to even try; that it would cost way to much to prototype, that he should just find a way to work around what was already there. His art informed the science of his emerging method, and at every turn it became obvious to him that to revolutionize fitness it was absolutely mandatory that he create his own machine.

Never let the limit of what science says exists diminish your creativity. If you can imagine it, it is possible. I hate rules, I always have, and the more people told me I couldn’t create my vision the more fiercely I endeavored. I searched until I found like-minded engineers with amazing talents, visions and capabilities to create the equipment that I saw in my mind’s eye.  It’s ten years later and I have a patent, multiple patents pending, trademarks, and an ever expanding fleet of critically acclaimed fitness machines to show for my tenacity.”

Sebastien continues to inspire the fitness revolution towards ultimate peak physical performance with optimal use of time and effort. Backed by the most cutting edge fitness science, Sebastien continues to create concept fitness machines.

I am fueled to refine my Lagree Fitness Method by my burning desire to marry my creativity with the burgeoning limits of fitness technology. I have helped countless numbers of clients to expand beyond their preconceived limitations – and that just adds fuel to my fire. When you see someone succeed and grow in confidence and strength right before your eyes, and you can feel that they experience themselves as beautiful, what could possibly be better than that? I live by this motto: I have no limits, except for the ones I create for myself.”

Sebastien currently resides in Los Angeles where he devotes his time to expanding the Lagree Fitness Method and machinery to all corners of the globe. His fitness technology lab is constantly engineering and developing state-of-the-art fitness equipment. He is currently making a documentary film on the future of fitness that will premiere in 2015.

There are no limits. The only limits that exist are the ones we impose on ourselves”, says Sebastien.